Ing. Marco Tuninetti
Ing. Marco Tuninetti
Senior Technical Specialist, CRF – GML
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, EMEA

Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico of Turin and DFSS Black Belt. More than 19 years in polymeric materials.

After 12 years as raw materials supplier and component tier two, Marco first joined Fiat Group in 2008, where he is responsible in FCA and CNH for materials applied on internal components (door panels, trims, headliners, sun visors, rear shelves) and internal and external lighting. He is the company reference in the plastic extrusion and thermoforming process, and author of company worldwide standards for thermoplastic and thermosetting composites.

Main activities include FCA and CNH material standard updating, materials approval on new project, innovation on raw materials, transformation processes and automotive parts (in cooperation with Universities, raw materials suppliers and tier one companies), validation of new materials and components, materials support for new project mass production process start, failure analysis on both internal and supplier’s claims.