Dr. Hans-Peter Erfurt
Dr. Hans-Peter Erfurt
IMD Manager, Research & Development
Proell GmbH

Hans-Peter Erfurt graduated in Chemistry at the Marburg University. He wrote his PhD thesis at the department of material science in Marburg about Functional Dyes.

He joined Proell GmbH, Weissenburg, Germany in 2000 and started in the R+D laboratory working on inks for the special requirements in the field of IMD/FIM and to diversify screen printing inks, lacquers and adhesives for the growing field of different plastic material combinations.

Hans-Peter is currently IMD-Manager and responsible for new developments in this sector. Further, he assists customers worldwide by the implementation of the film insert molding technique.


Presentation title: Tactile and haptic printing designs and non-conductive black inks for IMD/FIM applications

Email: hanserfurt@proell.com