Dr. Ashok Sridhar
Global Business Development Manager
TNO/Holst Centre, The Netherlands

Ashok Sridhar’s business development activities at TNO/Holst Centre focus on Printed Electronics and Smart 3D surfaces. He has been involved in the Printed Electronics domain since 2006 and has previously held technical and commercial roles at Luxexcel BV, SABIC, TNO/Holst Centre and Fraunhofer ENAS.

Sridhar received his Executive MBA (cum laude) in 2016 from TIAS School for Business and Society (NL), a doctorate in 2010 from the University of Twente (NL) for a dissertation on inkjet printing of conductive structures, a master’s degree in production technology in 2005 from RWTH Aachen (Germany) and a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in 2001 from the University of Madras (India).

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