Jonathan Sheridan
Company Director
Design DNA

Jonathan Sheridan is Director and Industrial Designer at Design DNA Ltd, (U.K. based design consultancy). Currently working on surface structure programming algorithms for large scale architectural multi-object tiling, silver-ware organics and aesthetic/haptic feedback effect.

Before forming Design DNA in 2007, Jonathan held positions within major design consultancies and for OEM’s such as PDD Design and Yazaki automotive.

Whilst developing research methodologies for an aesthetic approach to design within the complex design system, and 4D design tools for experience-led design; Sheridan has gained a Masters in Philosophy on Aesthetics and a Masters in Experiential design; from Southampton and DeMontfort Universities respectively. 

His current research project, in conjunction with Adam Parry, a research associate in Nano-science and Printed, Organic Electronics at The University of Manchester is a project aimed to develop methodologies and approaches for both Micro and Nano material property enhancement in base materials, which links current trends with future technology. 

Jonathan’s keen interest in the nature of maths and maths in nature leads him to explore his local flora and fauna, in his closest mountain range; Glyderau North Wales.

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